The Australia National Eisteddfod Society is indebted to our Sponsors for their valued support of the arts.

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Other Sponsors

Alison Cozadinos
Andrea Orwin
Angela and Ray Finnegan
Angela Giblin
Ann Sutton
Ann Thompson
Carmel Walshe
Carole Shearer
Cathy Cleary
David Reedy
Doris Rowland
Dorothy Dashwood
Ellnor Grassby
Faye and Peter Grant
Hao and Tom Chow
Harriet Torrens
Helen Johnston
Helen Swan
Jahn Millard
Janelle MacDonald
Janetta McRae
Janice Tuite
Jenny Kain
Jenny Oliver
Jim and Heather Leedman
Joan Breen (Macquarie Music)
Judith Bauer
Kathryn & Geoffrey Warren-Wynne
Leila Fetter
Lesma Wood
Linda Adriaanse
Mandy Thomas-Westende
Margaret Colman
Margaret Sim
Marie Cull
Marretje van Wezel
Michael Politi
Noelene Akeroyd
Norma Mackay
Patricia Davey
Patricia Whitbread
Peter and Barbara Harrison
Phil Perman
Rose Holcombe
Rosmary Lohman
Sharon Tree
Sheila Kellock
Steven Chew and Toni Law
Susan and David Chessell
Theresa Rayner

Debbie Perrin

John Ward

Vivienne WinterACT Speech and Drama Association
Barnett Lilley & Associates Pty Ltd
Bellchambers Music School
China Tea Club
Canberra Academy of Dramatic Arts
Canberra Academy of Music and Related Arts (CAMRA)
Gillian Beaumont Legal
Klavier Music Association
Prestige Automotive
Ross di Bartolo
The York Apartments, Kingston
Voice Area, ANU School of Music

Bob Winnel




The Society is also indebted to our many other Sponsors for their valued support of the arts and the volunteers who assist with the miriad of tasks required to organise and present this festival showcasing the performances of some 1500 individual performers and 2500 members of bands, orchestras, piano and choirs – both speaking and singing in 200 categories in 50 sessions at 11 venues over 7 weeks.

We would welcome your offers of assistance!