The Australian National Eisteddfod – as a not-for-profit community association – can continue to present an annual eisteddfod only with the support of those who benefit from the events

The generosity (in cash and kind) of those individuals, companies and organisations who support the eisteddfod’s contribution to the community is much needed and appreciated.

How does the eisteddfod contribute to the community?

  • it promotes the development of excellence in cultural expression,
  • it encourages practice and public performance in voice and instrument as soloist or group member,
  • it develops skills in these areas,
  • it helps the individual gain confidence in both individual self expression and in group activity.

The skills developed have lifelong use not only in the performing arts but also in any career field and in any community endeavour.

The eisteddfod presents on a regular basis:

  • four weeks of solo and group recitals in voice – singing and speaking – and instrument,
  • 1500 individual performances with a further 2500-3000 participants in groups i.e. ensembles, bands, orchestras and choirs.
  • 200 plus age based performance and composition competitions from 6 yrs to Open in voice(s) and instrument(s) for solo and group performance,
  • a low cost opportunity to ‘tell your story’ in public performance,
  • an opportunity to learn by seeing and hearing how others perform, and
  • an opportunity to receive a confidential written assessment – and perhaps an award from a discipline accredited specialist.

How Can I Help?

  • by talking about the benefits to your friends and acquaintance,
  • by joining the Society as a Member – individual, family, group or corporate – the modest investment provides one measure of community support,
  • by assisting with the organising work including fund raising, publicity and routine clerical effort,
  • by assisting on the day(s) the eisteddfods are taking place as MC, Adjudicator’s Secretary, backstage, on the music desk or on the doors,
  • by making a donation to the Society’s Registered Income Tax Deductible Fund,
  • by buying advertising space in the Society’s publications


  • Sponsors can provide cash prizes, medal purchase, advertising of events in print, radio and television, or prize vouchers for goods or services – tutoring and/or performances.
  • Sponsors are acknowledged and thanked using the five Event Programmes, this website, and opportunities are provided for advertising during events.